Mesothelioma Causes


Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease of the lining of abdominal organs, lungs, or heart. Almost all the cases of mesothelioma cancer are linked with exposure to asbestos particles.


In fact, exposure to asbestos particles is capable of causing mesothelioma even if the level of exposure is very low. Simply put, when mesothelioma causes are discussed, the first on the list is asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Cases and a History of Asbestos Exposure

Studies reveal that about 70% to 80% of reported mesothelioma cases involve a history of asbestos exposure. Such numbers validate asbestos as the main cause of mesothelioma.

In a related manner, the occurrence of mesothelioma without any history of exposure to asbestos particles is very rare.

Asbestos has been in use for centuries and is seen as the cause of a number of ailments and diseases, including mesothelioma cancer.

The word asbestos literally means "inextinguishable" and this name was given to this mineral by the ancient Greeks because of its amazing fireproof qualities. Even then, however, the harmful effects that asbestos had upon workers was noted.

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that contain strong and flexible fibers that can be separated into thin threads.

The commercial use of asbestos started in late nineteenth century in industrialized countries. Asbestos materials became a popular choice for construction because of their long-lasting, lightweight, and fire-resistant qualities---until the dangers of asbestos exposure were discovered in the 1970s.

Symptoms of mesothelioma may not appear until between twenty and fifty years after exposure, which explains why so many new cases of this form of cancer are currently being reported. Many people who haven't been in contact with asbestos for decades are now showing symptoms of this dreadful disease.

Asbestos was widely used in brake linings, cement, roofing shingles, textile, flooring, insulation and many other industrial products. Small asbestos particles, however, remained suspended in the air as part of the manufacturing process.

Asbestos workers and their family members who resided near asbestos manufacturing plants became prime recipients of the asbestos fibers that could lead to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

It was not until the 1900s that the facts regarding the risks involved to workers began to re-emerge. An English physician, who carried out a post-mortem on a man who had worked with asbestos for many years, found traces of fibers and dust in the man's lungs.

The doctor stated that the man had died due to his exposure to this mineral. Over the next twenty or so years professionals in many countries began to notice the fact that disease, illness and death was uncommonly high among asbestos workers.

The origins of mesothelioma begin when a person is exposed to a substance that contains asbestos. The person either inhales the asbestos fibers, or the fibers enter the skin. These fibers either lodge in the lungs, or travel through the body and affect the heart or abdominal organs.

Almost all the cases of mesothelioma cancer are linked with exposure to asbestos particles. Sadly, exposure to asbestos particles can cause mesothelioma even if the level of exposure is extremely low.

The body's natural defense system will attempt to eradicate the fibers from the body through attempts to expel the fibers. However, some fibers will become lodged in the mesothelioma cells that provide a protective layer around the lungs, heart, and abdominal area.

Over time, the mesothelioma cells surrounding the fibers can change consistency and become cancerous. It is at this stage that mesothelioma begins.

One of the biggest contributors to mesothelioma involves the negligence of asbestos manufacturers. Over the years, manufacturers continued using asbestos even after being informed of its harmful effects.

Many of these manufacturers did not issue any warnings or take necessary precautions to prevent asbestos exposure to their workers. Had the manufacturers been more responsible, many people suffering from mesothelioma and dangerous asbestos-related diseases would probably have faced different and more favorable circumstances.

It should be pointed out that asbestos-related Mesothelioma comprises only 70 to 80 percent of the all the reported cases of mesothelioma cancer.

There are reported cases of mesothelioma, however, which the patients did not have any known exposure to asbestos. Some of the patients had been exposed only for a short period of time but still developed cancer 20 to 50 years after the exposure.

There is strong evidence in the medical literature that the dangers of asbestos exposure were known long before millions of American workers were exposed.

Asbestos fibers that are logged in the hair strands of a factory worker who has been exposed to asbestos can also risk the health of others with whom he lives.

It is therefore important for workers exposed to asbestos to change their clothes and take a shower before leaving the workplace in order to prevent his/her family members or companions from inhaling the asbestos particles.

The probability of developing lung cancer from smoking also increases significantly when people are also exposed to asbestos. Most people who develop lung cancer have probably been told that their disease was most likely caused from primary or secondary smoke.

If a person has lung cancer, however, and also worked in an environment where they were exposed to asbestos, it is highly recommended that this person contact an attorney who specializes in handling mesothelioma and lung cancer cases.

Fortunately, the justice system has been generous in its rewards to people who suffer diseases caused by asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma Causes: Conclusion

It is clear from the above discussion that when anyone mentions mesothelioma causes, the first "culprit" is previous exposure to asbestos.

It is truly one of the ironies of modern times that what was once considered a "manufacturing miracle" could result in so many destroyed lives.

The probability of developing lung cancer from smoking also increases significantly when people are also exposed to asbestos.

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